What happens when you decide to take a flight to Ibiza in October?

Ibiza in October is still an inviting destination and on the more lively island of the Balearics you can finally spend days of pure relaxation thanks to the warm sea and the mild climate for almost the whole year

One of the most wild and animated islands in the warm summers of the Mediterranean, famous for its nightlife, it becomes quieter as soon as the closing parties of the most famous clubs in Europe have run their course.

October in Ibiza is the ideal time to discover a different island, in a moment away from the hustle and bustle of summer. Do not worry, though, because Ibiza remains a lively island even in October. More sheltered from the winds that blow from France than the other Balearics, Ibiza in October still enjoys a particularly mild climate, with average temperatures ranging from 17 degrees night and 24 degrees in the day.

It is inevitable to arrive on the Isla Blanca and  be charmed by its atmosphere. Here it feels completely devoid of thoughts.

You can have some reservations, which will disappear a few hours after landing, when savouring the quiet atmosphere of Dalt Villa.

Dalt Villa literally means Upper Town, and it is the part enclosed within the walls of the Castle that stands on the small island from the center of Ibiza town, and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999.

Ibiza city because Ibiza is not only the name of the island, but also that of one of the five towns in the area.

Exploring its narrow cobbled streets and enjoying the wonderful views of the coast, it is almost normal to fall in love with this little gem.

At times it seems like you are immersed in some small Southern Italian village mixed with a Greek island.

This is also where the Museo d'Art Contemporani is located, which stands right next to some of the most fashionable places to enjoy a tasty stop or an aperitif with a view.

October in Ibiza is also the perfect month to take an off-season swim in the Mediterranean. For those who want to enjoy the sea, compared to the particularly hot and sunny summer with very crowded beaches, in October the tourism drops and the climate softens. In addition, the sea water temperature remains well above 20 degrees, still allowing a very pleasant swim. Map to hand you are really spoiled for choice.

Traveling when the summer season is over, and the car rental being very convenient: get in the car and let yourself be conquered by the silence of the small coves next to the beach of Ses Salines, with a thousand shades of white and blue.

Or cross the island again and let yourself be carried away by the crystal waters of Cala Compte and then enjoy the sunset at Sant Antony, or to go to the famous Hippy Market Punta Arabì.

Even without the nightclubs the attractions of Ibiza are truly endless. Although the season is coming to the end, you will not struggle to find anything you want or need.

If you want to eat something typically Spanish like Paella, we recommend Casa Manolo (in Playa d'Enbossa) a restaurant directly on the sea that serves fresh fish and a really good Paella.

If you want to drink a sangria accompanied by some tapas in the area of ​​Dalt Villa then S'Escalinata is for you.

For the aperitif at sunset try the popular Café del Mar in Sant Antoni de Portmany, where you can drink a good cocktail accompanied by good music and lots of relaxation.

If you want to eat excellent pinchos (appetizers) and drink wine and beer in indefinite quantities, mark this name: Can Terra Ibiza.

It is located a short distance from Dalt Villa, in one of the central streets of Ibiza town, and is super busy even out of season (word of the locals!). You can be seated and order from the menu, but the highlight is the typical counter stuffed with lots of pinchos to enjoy standing, while drinking a great cocktail.

Let yourself fall in love with Ibiza, you will not regret it.

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